As a designer, Bas Froon (1978) is fascinated by products and the relationship with their manufacturing processes. Bas: “It’s intriguing for me to understand the subconscious qualities of products and materials around us, and to apply these qualities later on myself.” Hands-on experimentation with materials and techniques are crucial in his design process, Bas: “… this is where often the most beautiful surprises originate.”SaveSave

"Fascinated by products and the relationship with their manufacturing processes"

Bas is not only a designer, but more a product developer. As a team player, he is working with both industry and craft to achieve new crossovers. By combining traditional manufacturing processes with innovations from other sectors, he creates new opportunities and applications. With a solid passion for technology and a realistic view on commerce, he is able to think not only of concepts – but to realize them too.

Bas Froon now works independently for clients and manufacturers. Besides assignments he also develops and invests in his own designs – or together with start-ups. Key focus is technological and commercial innovation in a sustainable way.

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