During his years at the academy you could find Bas mostly in the workshops. The physical side of design and the arts & crafts of manufacturing techniques are still his passion. He combines ‘hands-on’ mentality with scientific research – thereby challenging the industrial reality. 

"Fascinated by products and the relationship with their manufacturing processes"

His vision is to bring back manufacturing to our societies. Using new digital techniques. Focussing on textile products, his follow-up research in has been supported with significant EU grants. To take action: he co-founded UNSEAM that now aims to bring these ideas to the market.

Bas Froon (1978) is graduated at the Master Industrial Design of the KABK The Hague in 2017. He also holds a Master title of Twente University.

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Bas Froon - industrial design


Studio Bas Froon is official member of the BNO