CircularPanels design concept

when hand craft meets digital manufacturing

Presented at the Salone del Mobile 2019 and the Dutch Design Week 2019 as part of the Award Winners Exhibition of the WORTH Partnership Project

Design concept for a modular acoustic interior panel. The design is a based on ‘circular design’ principles: not only sustainable materials have been used, but also materials were sourced regionally and the assembly method allows for efficient material re-use at the end of its lifetime. This approach also allows for easy customisation of the design in looks and size.

The tactile and soft outside layer is natural wool from the Island of Texel in the Netherlands. Currently disregarded because of cheap imports from far away. Combined with recycled denim out of the RECURF project. The designers applied a combination of artistic hand painting and digital micromoulding technique to join the layers and to create an visual embossing effect. The shell is made out of flax and renewable & biodegradable plastic, while the ‘core’ of the design has been made from recycled denim and recycled wood.

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Made in partnership with Belgian textile artist A+Z Design by Genevieve Levivier 

Photography by Jeroen Dietz

Each panel is freestanding, but can be joined by user to create individual spaces. Ideal for ‘break-out’ spaces in open offices or to create semi-private spaces in public buildings. 

Modular by design: due to the digital manufacturing process, endless combinations of different sizes and shapes are possible. 

This research is supported by WORTH Partnership Project and is funded by COSME Programme of the European Union for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs).