Who will be your future health supplier..?

Facebook? Google or Uber?

Froon researched future trends in healthcare and new relations and possibilities with information technology. The result is a sneak preview into future products. For details of the study – contact us.

As an illustration, a conceptual dental healthcare system has been designed that provides professional care at home:


Supported by an intuivite smart mirror, this system takes care of your teeth where you need it. Using new technologies like 3D scanning, glass mirror displays and large scale data collection of it’s users.

It intelligently combines data about your personal lifestyle, habits and your wellbeing.

for a great smile.


1:1 Model of a data-collecting dental system. Stainless steel body, interface via the interactive mirror, modular pieces with functions like 3D scanning, ultrasonic cleaning and S-ray scanning.


1:1 Model of the cleaning module. Using ultrasound it cleans the teeth without toothpaste while gathering data about the level of dental plaque.