WORTH Project awarded to
Studio Bas Froon and A+Z Design

When digital manufacturing will meet high-end handcraft: unique interior products

We are very excited that this week our project proposal has been awarded by the WORTH Partnership Project 2018! After a great first weekend in Madrid where we presented and discussed the project with the Steering Committee, we will work on this project during 2018. By crossing our respective skills in digital in-house manufacturing with our different sustainable design approaches, we will introduce a new way of creating objects. A design and prototype for an interior object will follow … work on progress to be seen soon (…we are not going to tell you yet 😉 ).

Many thanks to the Steering Committee, Mentors and support from the Worth Project Team for their confidence. Excited to begin with fantastic partner Genevieve Levivier.

presentation in Madrid 3 februari together with Genevieve Levivier

About A+Z Design

Textile artist and designer Geneviève Levivier creates, for years, contemporary tapestries and textile design objects, with surprisingly in-house innovative eco-friendly textures. Her award-winning innovative textiles range from the last Eggshell® collection, to “Supple Marble”, “Laser Lace” or “Translucent Polymer Lace” collections… Her work has been internationally exhibited at the best art or design fairs, and museums. Within her studio A+ZDesign® she also produced, for 10 years, her textiles for the most renowned Couture Houses.


About studio Bas Froon

Industrial Designer Bas Froon translates creative ideas of designers into reality and developed the micromoulding machine in 2017. He uses soft bio-composite materials to digitally produce wearable and interior ‘soft’ products. By combining traditional manufacturing processes with digital innovations from other sectors he explores new ways to bring back local manufacturing.