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Jeroen Junte – Do it ourselves – a new mentality in Dutch Design 2019

Marina Toeters – Unfolding Fashion Tech 2019

Presentation for DDMP at Pakhuis de Zwijger – 2019 (click above for full video recording)

RECURF-UP! – 2019

b. magazine – march 2019

How to pitch your sustainable idea? DUDE Magazine 2019

Presentation for EU2020 Horizon programme WEAR Sustain 2018 together with Karin Vlug

BLOG Modemuze after Textielcommissie symposium (2018)

Micromoulding process in publication for exposition in Gent Design Museum (Fibre-Fixed ’18-’19)

Babycarrier in Design Report 3-2018 

Babycarrier in Volkskrant Magazine 28 April 2018

Review of Materia 2018 highlights by Selectionneur

Materia 2018 Exhibition  – Smart Fashion Production project together with Karin Vlug

Bas Froon presents at Milan Design Week 2018

Interview by Merel Kamp for KABK (2018)

news: Studio Bas Froon and Fashion Designer Karin Vlug receive WEAR Sustain funding (2018)

news: WORTH Partnership Project awarded to Studio Bas Froon and A+Z Design (2018)

news: NH Onderneemt 21 October 2017

video: NH Onderneemt 21 October 2017

Barbed Wire 'Holy Grail' featuring in 'Meesterlijk' trendlezing 2&3 december
dude magazine autumn 2017

"This is a 3d printer that uses biocomposite plastic to produce tailor made “soft-objects”. Aiming to create competitive sustainable products made by local manufacturers is a great challenge. Sustainable! tailor made! And competitive! Sounds like a recipe for success – we are very curious to see this exhibition." - Makerversity: The best of Dutch Design Week

Materia: DDW Highlights
dirksdotter blog
blog: Ik neem je mee (Marloes de Graaf - Voorzitter van Vereniging van Draagdoekconsulenten)