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Babycarrier in Design Report 3-2018 

Babycarrier in Volkskrant Magazine 28 April 2018

Review of Materia 2018 highlights by Selectionneur

Materia 2018 Exhibition  – Smart Fashion Production project together with Karin Vlug

Bas Froon presents at Milan Design Week 2018

Interview by Merel Kamp for KABK (2018)

news: Studio Bas Froon and Fashion Designer Karin Vlug receive WEAR Sustain funding (2018)

news: WORTH Partnership Project awarded to Studio Bas Froon and A+Z Design (2018)

news: NH Onderneemt 21 October 2017

video: NH Onderneemt 21 October 2017

Barbed Wire 'Holy Grail' featuring in 'Meesterlijk' trendlezing 2&3 december
dude magazine autumn 2017

"This is a 3d printer that uses biocomposite plastic to produce tailor made “soft-objects”. Aiming to create competitive sustainable products made by local manufacturers is a great challenge. Sustainable! tailor made! And competitive! Sounds like a recipe for success – we are very curious to see this exhibition." - Makerversity: The best of Dutch Design Week

Materia: DDW Highlights
dirksdotter blog
blog: Ik neem je mee (Marloes de Graaf - Voorzitter van Vereniging van Draagdoekconsulenten)

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