The future is local: micromoulding machine & soft biocomposites

Velvety soft baby carrier made in the Netherlands with a unique biocomposite

New opportunities for local production on an industrial scale

With a unique manufacturing technique using bio composites, Bas Froon shows new opportunities to bring back industrial production of labour-intensive ‘soft’ products to local manufacturers. At the Dutch Design Week 2017 he will present his conceptual machine and a first application: a velvety soft and tailor-made baby carrier made of this special and sustainable material. Bas Froon graduated at the Post Graduate Course Industrial Design. This English taught course is aimed at designers who want to use applied design to contribute to the world of today and tomorrow.

An extraordinary technique: sustainable and tailor-made

He developed a ‘micromoulding’ machine that makes it possible to locally change material qualities from a velvety soft material into a strong and lightweight plastic. Using a personal 3D scan or custom computer design, each product will be tailor-made and unique. To demonstrate this technique Bas developed a light and supportive baby-carrier that is based on a body scan of its user.

Bas: “Instead of labour-intensive assembly of different parts, I managed to use only one type of material. That makes it much easier to assemble a product, but also makes it possible to re-use the materials for new products at the end of its lifetime. With this very special technique we will be able to manufacture in the Netherlands again in a very competitive and sustainable way.”

Fascinated by products and their relationship with their manufacturing process

As a designer, Bas Froon (1978) is fascinated by products and the relationship with their manufacturing processes. Bas: “It’s intriguing for me to understand the subconscious qualities of products and materials around us, and to apply these qualities later on myself.” Hands-on experimentation with materials and techniques are crucial in his design process, Bas: “… this is where often the most beautiful surprises originate.”

Bas is not only a designer, but more a product developer. As a team player, he is working with both industry and craft to achieve new crossovers. By combining traditional manufacturing processes with innovations from other sectors, he creates new opportunities and applications. With a solid passion for technology and a realistic view on commerce, he is able to think not only of concepts – but to realize them too.

Dutch Design Week 2017

The graduation project of Bas Froon is on display from Saturday 21 October until 29 October at the Dutch Design Week 2017 at the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. More information: Dutch Design Week 2017

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