Salone 2018: looking Back at an exciting week

From 17 to 22 April 2018 Studio Bas Froon took part at the exhibition of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) with the project: “The Future is local: micromoulding machine & soft biocomposites”

The KABK presented at the Milan Design Week during the Salone del Mobile with more than 20 artists and designers, who present their work under the title My Practice, My Politics

Bas took the opportunity to show not only his micromoulding machine, but also a number of material samples with new work: materials like recycled jute and denim and new shapes and patterns. 

Digital manufacturing and circular design enable local production

Industrial designer Bas Froon combines traditional manufacturing processes with technological innovations. He aims to make local production of labour-intensive ‘soft’ products possible again.  Froon’s micromoulding machine can alter the property of biocomposite materials from soft to hard. It can make various components – such as buckles and joints – out of one material, which eliminates labour-intensive assembly work. As a consequence, products are made from a single material, which facilitates material reuse at the end of its life cycle. 

As a designer, Bas Froon (1978) is fascinated by products and the relationship with their manufacturing processes. Bas: “It’s intriguing for me to understand the subconscious qualities of products and materials around us, and to apply these qualities later on myself.” Hands-on experimentation with materials and techniques are crucial in his design process, Bas: “… this is where often the most beautiful surprises originate.”


Bas is not only a designer, but more a product developer. As a team player, he is working with both industry and craft to achieve new crossovers. By combining traditional manufacturing processes with innovations from other sectors, he creates new opportunities and applications. With a solid passion for technology and a realistic view on commerce, he is able to think not only of concepts – but to realize them too.

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Velvety Soft Biobased babycarrier

Design concept based on the soft biocomposites & micromoulding technique: velvety soft biobased babycarrier